” A new rapid path for real-Time System
development with a good set of control logic
blocks supported by elegant GUI”
SNETLY based on a state-of-the-art innovative technology that provides modular environment for real-time system development – Powered by Smart ProtoX.
SNETLY is a ready to use FPGA based modular environment for real-time system development, an innovative design by Smart ProtoX. This controller can be used to create control algorithms, generate instant waveforms and generate signals needed for power electronics control and many other applications. It is a standalone system and operates without a PC and an Operating System.
Equipped with the latest powerful Xilinx ARTIX-7 FPGA Controller @150MHZ Clock source, which delivers raw simulation power for real-time simulation and testing. This system delivers the fastest and the most versatile HIL applications.
  • A platform for control algorithm development
  • Hardware in Loop (HIL) simulation testing for system validation
  • Converter control, motor drive control, Modular Multilevel Converters (MMC) control
  • Programmable analog and digital signal generators
  • Classroom experiments, workshops and more.
Product Highlights
  • Model based approach for design More than 150+ readily usable versatile Real Time Blocks such as Controllers, Delay elements, Timers etc..
  • Configurable Parameters of block elements
  • Multiple SNETLY can be cascaded to work as a single unit to develop large control system
  • Encapsulated and merged into single standalone module “Which enables real time flow “
  • Design & Execution are on target machine
  • Simulation and operation are in real time
  • System allows module interconnect, cascading other module /function and reconfigure the modules- while the system is operational
  • Support MATLAB simulink Co-Simulation
  • Cost effective Hardware in Loop (HIL) development platform
General Specifications
Power Supply 230VAC Input, 50-60HZ& 50VA
FPGAArtix®-7 XC7A200T (The most powerful FPGA from the Xilinx® Artix-7 family)
CPU/Computer Not Required - On board CPU
Performance -150MHz System Core Clock (Step time of 6.667 ns)
- 3.254GHz HDMI Clock
- 800MHz DDR Clock
- Digital IO sampling at 1MHz
- Analog Inputs sampling at 500 KHz
- Analog Outputs sampling at 100 KHz
- 10uS / 100 KHz system sampling rate (concurrent execution of all the blocks)
SoftwareModel based inbuilt software installed in board FPGA
Accessories 16” 4U Industrial rack cabinet, Optical mouse, FHD Monitor & essential cables
Available I/O System
PWM Outputs 14 Numbers of Independently Isolated PWM Outputs with driving capability of 15V (Can be directly connected to gate inputs of
Power devices) PWM Resolution: 32bit Floating point Duty cycle / Frequency selection 32bit Integer counter
used and automatic PWM Generation with selected Duty cycle/Frequency.
Digital Inputs 24 Digital Input channels Isolated from FPGA, and all are 5V Tolerant. Can be used as general purpose inputs,
Encoder inputs or Speed sensor Inputs.
Digital Outputs
  • 72 Digital Output channels Isolated from FPGA, and can be used as PWM Outputs, or any general purpose outputs.
  • All are 5V Tolerant
  • Other customizations can be provided based on user request with additional cost.
Analog Inputs
  • 16 Independent Channels with 16 dedicated ADCs
  • 4 different Input types for each channel, DC/AC Inputs Direct connectivity and Configurable as
    • -20 to +20V
    • -750V to +750V
    • -15A to +15A
    • 4-20mA
  • Frequency Bandwidth: DC to 100 KHz
    Sampling Rate:
    • 500 KHz for Voltage inputs
    • 500 KHz for 4-20mA Inputs
    • 20 KHz for high current Inputs
    • Other customizations can be provided based on user request with additional cost.
Analog Outputs 8 Channel with multiplexed DAC 0 to 3.3V Analog outputs 2 Channel 4-20mA
SNETLY architecture provides a high performance interfaces between functional modules. It accepts read and write commands from SPX Controller IP for configuration, status check and manages local real time data streaming between all modules. Analog and digital IO interfaces are fully isolated from FPGA. The Current and voltage sensing circuits are integrated to confirm user can develop and focus only on controller design.
  • A) System power switch
  • B) Ethernet
  • C) SB-UART
  • D) USB-Data port
  • E) Mouse
  • F) PWM Output
  • G) Digital Input
  • H) Digital Output
  • J) Analog output
  • K) Current inputs
  • L) Analog input mode selection
  • M) Analog Input
  • N) HDMI Interface for Monitor
  • P) Main AC Power input
System Setup
Motor Drive Control Scheme - Example
Motor Drive control power module not included in SNETLY system, Its is separate product
Built In - Modules Stores

Inputs / Outputs

  • General Purpose Digital I/O’s
  • Analog voltage I/O’s
  • Analog 4-20mA current I/O’s
  • Direct current measurement up to 20A


  • Hall Sensor, Speed pulses
  • Protection Input
  • AC Square for Trigger
  • Proximity Sensor


  • Giga Bit Ethernet
  • USB RS232 Link


  • Clarke / Inverse Clarke transformations
  • Park / Inverse Park transformations
  • Polar / Rectangle conversions
  • Float to Integer
  • Boolean to Integer
  • Integer to Boolean
  • Binaries to Integer
  • Integer to Binaries

GUI Blocks

  • GUI Knobs
  • GUI Controls
  • GUI On / Off Switches
  • GUI Gauges
  • Value Displays
  • Data Plotters
  • Digital storage Oscilloscope
  • Logic Analyzer


  • Logic gates
  • Floating point & Boolean Multiplexer
  • Floating point De-multiplexer
  • Integer & Boolean De-multiplexer
  • Delay elements

Functional Blocks

  • Pulses to Speed/Angle/AC Trig
  • Mean or Average Filters
  • Frequency Counters
  • PID controllers
  • Dead time controllers
  • Glitch filters
  • Repeating Step Sequence
  • Repeating Linear Sequence
  • Discrete Integrators
  • Discrete Transfer Functions
  • Soft Transition
  • Single Phase PLL
  • Three Phase PLL


  • Floating Point Constants
  • Integer Constants
  • Boolean Constants
  • System Time
  • Space Vector generator
  • Square Wave Generator
  • Multi Phase Sine Wave Generator
  • Triangle Wave Generator
  • Saw tooth Wave Generator
  • High Frequency PWM

Math Operations

  • Comparators (< , <=, >, >=, =, /=, >0)
  • Addition & Subtraction
  • Multiplication & Division
  • Inverse
  • Absolute
  • Difference
  • Offset & Gain
  • Limit Control
  • Minimum & Maximum


  • Artificial Neural Network Blocks
  • Fuzzy logic
  • MATLAB Interface Blocks
  • Scientific equation to Code builder

System Control

  • System control blocks
  • In built 14 no’s of independent Processors ( 5 no’s Scientific & 9 no’s Legacy Processors )
  • Supports Custom scripts
  • Built in Compiler converts custom script to assembly code
  • Built in assembler converts assembly code to binary
  • Custom script supports
    • Scientific mathematical expressions
    • Conditional statements (IF, ELSIF, ELSE)
    • Loop statements ( FOR, WHILE, DO WHILE)
  • 191 Registers, each with 32 bit
  • Each register can be initialized with floating point values
  • Arithmetic , Logical & Scientific instructions
  • Instructions for moving information between registers
  • Program control instruction s based on register status
  • Input/output instructions
  • 8 no’s of floating point inputs & Outputs
  • Built in sampling functions & Delay elements
  • 10 Channel DSO
  • 12 Channel Logic Analyzer
  • 04 Channel Plotter & Digital Display
  • 02 Channel Gauge& Knob values are user configurable
  • 08 Channel Toggle Switch
  • All DSO, Plotter, analyzer -Time & Amplitude adjustments
  • Waveform Hold / save Option
  • Design for ADC /DAC/10’S etc
  • Open loop/closed loop speed control of
    • -Induction Motor
    • -DC /PMDC/BLDC Motor
    • -PMSM Motor
    • -Switched Reluctance Motor
    • – 3 Phase& Multiphase Induction Motor
SNETLY Working Platform

Library Modules

Schematic Editor


Control Model Implementation Workflow

STEP 1 : Home page appear When the system is power on

STEP 2 : Open a blank file for new project by selecting any file using Mouse

STEP 3 : Blank file work space opened for new project

STEP 4 : Select the required logic block from module store by Mouse

STEP 5 : Place selected block in the workspace by right click of Mouse

STEP 6 : Configure the required parameter by right click of block

STEP 7 : Place all required logic blocks, configure the parameters and interconnect using mouse. Place essential measuring blocks (DSO, Logic Analyzer) and interconnect using mouse.

STEP 8 : In Workspace menu bar Click Run Button then Waveform button to view signals wave form

System Setup
  • SNETLY support MATLAB simulink Co-Simulation. Possible to interface with MATLAB simulink Logic blocks/machine models.
  • SNETLY have the capability to adopt MATLAB PC simulation speed , such that will not miss out any data
Schematic Configuration


  • In MATLAB, place UDP-TX-RX block from our supplied MATLAB library
  • Wire the MATLAB logic with UDP-TX-RX block


  • In SNETLY place UDP-IP TX, RX blocks from our module library
  • Wire the SNETLY logics with UDP-TX-RX blocks
  • For more details contact our technical support team
  • Run the system in SNETLY and MATLAB simulink and verify
Why Use Snetly to Build Real-Time System?
  • Required control logics can be realized in minutes
  • Ease of use by new and less experience users
  • Supports basic visual elements good enough for a typical application
  • Quick turn-around between prototyping and run time
  • Architecture accommodates system design re-configurability while the system is operational
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