Rapid Control Prototyping

Rapid Control Prototyping (RCP) is a test and development methodology used to accelerate the design process by using model based design to test a control strategy on physical hardware early in the design process.


With SNETLY prototyping systems, you can optimize the control designs for the real ECU as often as you need until they meet your requirements, all without any manual programming. Your block diagram design is automatically implemented on the system and calculated in real time.

Snetly Real-time System

SPX ASIC Processor Cores


IO Interface

Real Plant

System under control

SPX ASIC Processor Cores and FPGA are powerful engine helps to realize the system control functions in real-time
One of the key benefits of RCP is the ability to prove out a control algorithm early in the design process. No software coding is necessary. Using a model-based design approach, engineers can quickly create the model using Snetly blockset, and executable directly from the Snetly system. In minutes the algorithm can be tested in real hardware.

Snetly Rapid Control Prototyping (RCP) approach

Advantage of RCP using Snetly

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