Industrial Automation & Robotics

  • Helps to develop high performance and innovative robotic solutions with in a
    shorter development time in a wide range of applications.

Motor & Power Electronics

  • Development and optimization of Industrial drives.
  • Design and verification of industry standard power converters.

Power System

  • Snetly helps to create environment friendly energy systems (Smart grid).
  • Supports Electrical and power system engineering to develop innovative products and help to increase energy efficiency.



  • Snetly development environment is more powerful to Support for implement visions
    in the field of Hybrid vehicles swiftly.
  • Snetly support electric motor application from controller design and rapid control prototyping
    to controller implementation and controller tests.
  • We offer customized solution based on customer requirement.


  • The state-of-the-art Snetly tools floor the way for university research to develop cutting-edge technologies.
  • High-performance Snetly system tools for developing and testing complex control systems
    in classrooms and research projects.
  • Snetly product is successfully being deployed in the classroom and in research projects at prominent universities.
  • Product can be customized for special needs to address the university syllabus and training needs.
  • We offer Snetly product for universities at a very attractive price.

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