Are you ready for the change from your conventional system development methodology?
World’s First
Modular Real-time system
Development System
To implement the application in real time just similar like model based simulation tool.
There is no compilation or code download required, so user can save development time. No computer-software is required.
Reduce the development time from Weeks to Minutes.
Cost effective and faster development time when compared with other Real time tools available in the market.
Modular Real-time system



SNETLY based on a state-of-the-art innovative technology that provides modular environment for real-time system development – Powered by Smart ProtoX.

SNETLY is a ready to use FPGA based modular environment for real-time system development, an innovative design by Smart ProtoX. This controller can be used to create control algorithms, generate instant waveforms and generate signals needed for power electronics control and many other applications. It is a standalone system and operates without a PC and Operating System.
Equipped with the latest powerful FPGA Controller @150MHZ Clock source and SPX ASIC , which delivers raw simulation power for real-time simulation and testing. This system delivers the fastest and the most versatile Real-time System development applications.

Real-Time development & Testing Solutions

Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL)

Rapid Prototyping (RCP)



Industrial Machinery


Motor & Power Electronics

About Smart ProtoX

SMART PROTOX is the technology development company on FPGA based Real-Time system development tool.
Smart ProtoX developing advanced technology Real-time development tool which can be used in Hardware-In-the- Loop (HIL) testing equipment, Rapid Control Prototyping (RCP) systems, control system development, power electronics, motor drives, various industries, Research & Development hubs and universities.

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